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Asker schhnee Asks:
Why do you want to teach science and middle schoolers specifically?
teachinglearning teachinglearning Said:
  1. I teach because I love kids!  I love interacting with them every day, hearing their stories, and connecting with them to help make their lives better.  The middle schoolers are just so exciting and energetic.  The age group seems like a tipping point in development and I love that I will be able to inspire them to tip towards an appreciation of science.

    I want to teach science because it’s what I love to learn and teach (talk) about.   I look forward to the challenges of making long lasting impressions and changing my students’ behavior and thinking in regards to science and how to experience it in this world.

    Note to self: look back on this in a year from now when I’m in my 6th official month of teaching and see how I feel.

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